Move to DigitalOcean

Last week I got a message that offer free bunch of stuff, Github Pro, SimpleDNS, Free Domain, etc. The offer was called Github student developer pack. I registered with my collage email account and won the offer.

DigitalOcean Free Credits

BOM! I accepted, I got free 100 USD credits. I was so excited back then. I will use the Github student pack for research purpose, for making great apps. To cut my cost too, I moved this blog from iwStack to DigitalOcean.

Happy Coding

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What is the CVE-2014-6271 bash vulnerability, and how do I fix it?

Recently, there have been news going around regarding “CVE-2014-6271″ (See USN-2362-1), which is a vulnerability in Bash. How do I know if I am affected by this, how can I fix it, and why should I care?


What is Bash?

Bash is the default interactive shell in Ubuntu. When you are interfacing with the terminal (either through the terminal emulator, over a tty, or ssh), you are generally typing commands that bash will read, and execute. Even if you do not use the terminal at all, you still have Bash.

On Ubuntu, /bin/sh is not bash (it is dash). Only bash is affected by this vulnerability. [click to continue…]


Beberapa Online Courses yang Gue Ikutin


Udah sebulan terakhit ini gue enjoy banget ngikutin materi courses dari beberapa top university seperti MIT, Louvain, Rice, dll.

Nguap?? Bukan berarti gak ngebosenin, ngebosenin ada sih sesekali, tapi yang bikin gue enjoy adalah gue bisa diskusi banyak sama orang2 luar sana yang punya passion sama.

Dan yang gue salut (sekali lagi) sama USA, mereka gak cuma nyediain akses pendidikan berkualitas, tapi mereka juga bisa ngebuat ini gratis dan bisa diikutin siapa saja. :))

So, beberapa list yang course yang gue ambil dan akan gue ambil adalah berikut:

LinuxFoundationX – LFS101x Introduction to Linux
Course Started – Aug 01, 2014

MITx – 6.00.1x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python
Course Started – Aug 27, 2014

Rice University – An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python
Course Started – Sep 15, 2014

LouvainX – Louv1.1x Paradigms of Computer Programming – Fundamentals
Course Started – Sep 22, 2014

CaltechX – CS_1156x Learning From Data (introductory Machine Learning course)
Course Started – Sep 24, 2014

DelftX – FP101x Introduction to Functional Programming
Course Starts – Oct 14, 2014

Yang Mungkin Gue Ikutin Juga:

BerkeleyX – BJC.1x The Beauty and Joy of Computing, Part 1
Awal 2015

MITx – 18.01.1x [AP Calculus] – Part 1: Differential Calculus
MITx – 18.01.2x [AP Calculus] – Part 2: Integral Calculus
MITx – 18.01.3x [AP Calculus] – Part 3: Exploring Motion and Infinity
Semester pertama 2015


Foto-Foto Supermoon 10 Agustus 2014

Udah lumayan karatan juga ini blog, lama gak dibuka.

Tanggal 10 Agustus Kemarin, ceritanya ada Supermoon. Menurut beberapa sumber dan sosial media yang belum diketahui kebenarannya… Supermoon kali ini adalah yang paling terang tiga tahun terakhir..

Beruntung, gue bisa ngelihat supermoon itu, meski agak nyesel soalnya gak bawa kamera yang agak bener buat ngambil gambarnya.

Gambar ini diambil melalui kamera HP Sony Android Xperia Sola. [click to continue…]


Solve Could not resolve ‘’ DNS Hostname Problem

Have you ever using apt-get update for the first time in Virtual Machine and return

The troubleshooting I made for the first time was change the /etc/apt/sources.list

but what happen?

This still return same.

Fool me, The problem came from DNS hostname. The default hostname was my FQDN and my FQDN’s DNS still not yet configured.

To solve this problem, I just change the /etc/resolv.conf to public DNS or google DNS, so it will like this: