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Lah, guw kepikiran ini barusan. Dalam satu tahun ada beberapa yang pengen gue lakuin sekarang, salah satunya menguesai semua materi cs50. Nah, tulisan ini hanya buat ngingetin aja.

Sekalian ngerjain tugas mengarang bebas,

The important thing in my life was when I born from my mom’s womp. I was 1,5 kg of weight and if the normal baby with nine month period then I was seven period. So, who was I? I was premature baby. And with this reason my parent love me so much, especially my mom.

The story began at April, 27 1993. At 11.00 am my mom felt that was something wrong with her womp and she ask to her sister that what going on. With no clauses my mom’s sister ask my father what she did before. My father didn’t know anything wrong, that should be no wrong.

Be afraid with unwanted stuff, my mom’s sister take my mom to the hospital, after consult an hours time, the hospital recomended to my sister that my mom should be take to the specialist hospital. The time felt runs fast here, all of our fimly felt worried.

After my family arrive, my mom did’t felt anything wrong, but my mom’s sister keep take my mom to the specialist hospital. An hours after doctor take a look what going on with my mom the doctor told my mom’s sisters that the baby must be born tomorrow. The reason of this situation was the health of my mom.

All of my family shock. My mom’s womb was still seven month. My father ask doctors, “Is that the best we can do?” and the doctor said “yes”. This condition make my father felt the biggest worried in his life. I personaly don’t belive this story, but all told me that my father was crying. I don’t belive my father cried cause I never seen my fater cry. He is a strong guy.

My mom didn’t know that the chance of I life was far enaough from 50%. The doctor told to my family either me or my mom will survive, but the chance was a bit. My mom chance survive was good, but me was not. With this condition all of my family looked sad. For your information I am the only one biological children in my family and the second one is foster child.

My mom was taked to the operation room. Here, at operation room my moom spent almost 24 hours to waiting me born. At April, 29 1993 began fell something with her wom and at 3 pm the story began. Doctors work hard to take me out, the story didn’t here. There was something wrong with the womp and with all chance the doctor decide to caesarean section. All of my family looking anxious with my mom, especialy my father.

Finaly I borned to the world. I was 1,5 kg. If be compared with the standard bottle I same colse enaugh. My mom felt good, but me taked to incubator and there for three weeks.

Because of that, my father doesn’t want my mom pregnant again. So, after that I was the only one child of them for 11 years.

This story make me love my mom so much.

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