Thoughts on the Presidential Election 2014

I was thinking this one for all day. Well you know, this decision is important for my whole life and other Peoples life.

Choosing the right person isn’t easy thing, we have to think other aspect and for presidential Election 2014 I will choose the candidate who promote or aim for do better for education. So, I am going to vote for who are promote this one.

I have thought this.

Some people think that first one that have to fix is the finance of government. Yes, it must! but, let think about this.

I know, the People who care of gov finance is the smart one. But are Peoples smart enough to understand about they explaining? Hard to belive this, but almost people didn’t understand what they said and choose simple thing that is just agreeing to what they said.

The most people him/her self can thinking right. do they?

For ensure this, I did some question to my friends and other guest. This just a little test.

and almost 90% they wrong or didn’t understand to answer that. And here the answer

What is the first thing should do or fix?

My answer is education.

Just make a better and right education program and I will choice him/her.

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