Understanding DNS, Great Video from… I don’t know Who is Him

Okay, for couple month I was learning about VPS stuff. I don’t have a lot of money to pay managed services. FYI, there is two kinds of VPS, first managed services, second unmanaged services.

Lets talk a bit about VPS…

Managed Services

With managed services you have to pay more, the different with another one is support from provider. With managed services you can ask anything for your VPS, like installing software, tweak your server, etc. all there for you. As you can do is just focus to your business.

Unmanaged Services

This is what I had. I don’t pay for support. The other reason why I want this, not just money, but I want learning something new. I want to learn about Linux, networking, managed server, etc. You know, I think this is fun 🙂

Back to topic..

I had a problem with mapping my domain name, whichis this blog, to VPS’s IP Address (that is the reason why this blog often offline). I have read all tutorial about creating ns1, ns2, etc. But the result was nothing. I successfully pointing domain to IP, but it doesn’t work for a long time, it just 2 days and down. I don’t have Idea.

But… The problem was me, I did not learn about DNS stuff, all I can do before was following tutorial without knowing why it should be like that.

I gratefully found this video, this video has save my life as make my blog online again and I can understanding something new. I don’t know who is the instructor, but if you read it, I’m very appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

Understanding DNS part 1

Understanding DNS part 2

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