What Should I do In the Future?? Shall I do…

When the night come, I felt that I had ton of idea, ton of imagination. This my habit, I don’t now since when I have habit like that.

Here my scratch about my ambition.

My Goal Layer Scratch 1

My Goal Layer Scratch 1

This writing still linked with this one. What should I do in the next 10 years.


When we talking about goal we talking about what we want in this life. You are living dead if you don’t have a goal. And I absolutely agree with this

A goal must be specific, how do you achieve that goal, how long you spend your time for that, and you must focus about your goal.


Is that easy as like that?

You must have a barrier when you achieve a goal. Like your family, your most close peoples, time, etc.

What should you do when your friends and family don’t support you?

They probably has argument and trying to stop you. And I quote what Derek said

You’re right, but I have to try this type of thing while I’m still young — before I have kids, before I have major responsibilities. I don’t want to regret not trying.

And I grateful that I don’t have barrier like that.

And here my second scratch

My Goal Layer Scratch 2

My Goal Layer Scratch 2

NOTE: may bad habit often lead me to bad grade of my study. typo/

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