Change Debian / Ubuntu Shell Prompt

When I working with Debian terminal, my eyes felt pain. Debian doesn’t has colors sense. You open the terminal and you just seeing gray text.

For me, I dislike it. I love colorful shell, colorful text editor. That very helpful to edit or write syntax.

Thanks to Joshua Steiner for making such a great custom bash.

The problem

Debian, by default, doesn’t have any color coding enabled for bash. It’s, however, relatively easy to remedy.

The solution

The fix is to modify /etc/bash.bashrc to conditionally modify the $PS1 environment variable. Modify /etc/bash.bashrc to resemble the following.
Edit: a user suggested in the comments that the file can also be placed in /etc/profile.d. This should work if your /etc/bash.bashrc doesn’t overwrite $PS1.

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