List of My Server Speed

When I signed to LET community, I saw that peoples post about their server speed. I was curious too..

Before found that thread, I calculated the speed from cachefly CDN using this command:

If the url doesn’t work, you can change with this url

That code will download and run on your UNIX environment.

But, Now, I know how to test my server network speed using Here the how-to:

If the url doesn’t work, you can change the url with this one

GreanValueHost – NewYork City

GreanValueHost NY

CloudKilat – Jakarta

CloudKilat XS Jakarta

DigitalOcean – San Francisco

DigitalOcean Sanfrancisco

Increhost – Los Angles

Increhost - Los Angles

RamNode – Amsterdam

RamNode - Amsterdam


How about your sever? How fst your server? Post it here

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