Welcome to South East Asia, DigitalOcean !!

I was so excited heard that DigitalOcean would open Singapore Location last November 2013. And now, February 2014, The Singapore location already to delivery.

What’s the reason why I (and other, perhaps) so excited?

DigitalOcean well-known as Cloud VPS Provider that provide low-end price. And yes, the service has been being so great since DigitalOcean go public. But the most important has been being low-end price and SSD storage. It’s so rare to find Singapore (I think Asia) location that offer VPS with the price below 5 USD + SSD.

From Indonesian view, Singapore is the best location after Indonesia. I don’t even feel that the latency is foreign.

As DigitalOcean mentioned, the Datacenter is Equinx. And I am so glad to hear that. Equinx also well-known as one of the best datacenter in the world.

So, congratulation to DigitalOcean!! I am so excited, happy coding!

DigitalOcean Singapore

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