Backup, Backup, Backup, sssst..

This is the 1000th times I fallen in the same hole. The issue still same, I forgot to back up. So,this quote laughing at me again “the problem is always come in a right time”.

Last night I went to my Linux PC and goes to my remote server. I would do upgrade my server software. That, I never thought that the upgrade process will be faced with some obstacles. That was not my first time upgrade, I always doing upgrade frequently, the process always smooth too.

The fact, I enter the comfort zone. I forgot that the backup is the No 1 solution.

In the same time I felt like donkey, I felt idiot not doing backup.

And now, here I am, I lost some data. My last back up was January.

Lesson today: do backup frequently, don’t stay in your comfort zone.

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