DigitalOcean Rising Their Affilate Commision

I have been DigitalOcean affilate since 2013, and I gave great expereience to share.

Since HostGator acuired by EIG, I flet that they cheating to their affilate. From 30 registration, I onlye get 1 valid customer. So the best affilate commision from hosting since that is DigitalOcean..

Look that..

DO affilate commision

DO affilate commision

Last month I got USD 80 from DO,..

for new customer, the commision is rising, from $10 per refferal to $25. BUT, to make it work, they must spent $25 too in their billing. So it will be harder..

I thought, DO don’t want throwing their money again..

paypal history

paypal history dogotal ocean

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