I Got My First Payment from CPM Fun, total 172 USD


Last day I requested early payment from CPM Fun, the early payment requires me to pay 22% VAT for 1 day payment or 8% VAT for 3 day payment.

If you won’t pay for VAT, you have to wait NET 30 payment scame.

FYI, CPM Fun is the best CPM broker I ever meet, the rate is high and the approval is easy! So it’s lie of people said that CPM Fun is scam.

CPM Fun payment proof

CPM Fun payment proof

CPM Fun rates

CPM Fun rates

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  • Stefan

    CPMFUN is a BIG SCAM !!! DO NOT USE IT!!!!
    They do NOT pay! See the proof – http://i.imgur.com/1EKAwbt.jpg
    SCAM site!!!!
    The support doesn’t respond.
    No response from mail@cpmfun.com or contact@cpmfun.com or info@cpmfun.com or admin@cpmfun.com or support@cpmfun.com

    • nadiar

      Hey bro, I am not using it anymore. The reason is, the ads itself perform bad on mobile. But, I was got paid, the above proof is real.

  • ady

    You can try Tribaladnetwork.It is a good ad network.

  • Rohail Shahid

    bhaii mjhy bhii btaaoo yaar kesy withdraw krvaye hen ,, please tell me how you withdrae your payment because cpmfun did not reply me and did not send my money please tell me solution

    • nadiar

      Too bad, I don’t know if CPM fun just that bad today (I didnt use it anymore). Lucky me, when I was using it, the payment was on schedule.