Being Computer Scientist is just not so Bad

Back then when I went to computer science major in collage, what the reason I had?

When I 9th grade, my dream was become a doctor, but it wasn’t just a doctor, I want to become computer scientist too. But, I don’t know yet the term ‘computer scientist’ was exist, I just know it someone who working with computer but he/she know what he/she doing.

Computer scientist is not just a programmer, computer scientist is more than that. If computer scientist is a set, we called that set A for e.g. and then programmer is B, programmer is member of computer scientist.

Become computer scientist we have to be a good programmer, good programmer not just write the code but he/she have to measure the best approach of algorithm, best big O, an so on.

Okay, so what is related to me?

Here’s me at the final year of collage. I have a lot of fun being at computer science collage — Hope this way is path to reach my dream to become computer scientist. Sure, my collage and my collage teacher is not the best, but I am faaaaar too dumb back than when I was first year.

I have nothing to win computer science ‘war’. Look at this:

First year grade

First year grade

First year grade

First year grade

I was so dumb to understand what algorithm was, nesting, loop, etc. But, I do understand now. For me, it was not easy to understand that. I think the hardest part of my collage was in first year when I have to understand algorithm and data structure.

When I graduate from high school, I was so confident with my math. So, I don’t have a single problem with calculus in the collage. But there a single statement I deadly confused in my fist semester of collage. In math there is no way some number is equal with that number plus something. The statement was something like this:

Before I knew about assignment I never accept that statement. What I did know was, math is absolute and universal tool. When I understand what assignment was I can accept that.

Another miss concept from me is about base 10 number. Back than, so far what I know about number is base on base 10. When teacher told me that 1 + 1 is not always 2 I thought it was a joke, a lame joke. In high school, that joke was so lame, used to someone who crush with someone.

But he said that was no a joke, this is the real deal. I thought “How did this possible?”. Wehn I understand that, I finally can laugh with another joke.

There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

What the first thing make me so proud being computer scientist?

Back when I started first making a program, I am so proud what I can write ‘hello world‘ pascal program, the program was not so great. It just a console that print hello world on the screen. I was so excited. But still, I have another thought, I can make this better in Microsoft word!

Then I was so excited again when I can read keyboard input, still that was console. Another excited came and came, like my fisrt web form, my fist wab page html with style, my fisrt gui program, my fist store data to database vice versa. etc.

But what make me so proud was when I finished making fist GUI game in python, that was Pong game.

pong the game

my very first GUI game

After that I made another game, like memory and BlackJack. That was not so hard when you know how it works.

But what I was so proud so far, I can embed my first Super Mario like game in browser using JavaScript technology, thanks to QuintusJS framework.



I’m still not satisfied with my work, I still want make another better game!


That was True that being computer scientist is not easy at all, it’s hard, no joking. But if you make it in the right path, it’s rewarding. I entered to computer science not because I want it, but also I still want study math. I love math since elementary school, I can implement math here at computer science, I can sharpening my reasoning here.

In my final project, My goal isn’t just pass the final test and graduate, but I want contribute for making world batter place.

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