The First AdNow Payment Proof, USD 105

To be honest, I am so slothful writing about payment proof thing. So why I writing this?? I just want make sure to a lot of peoples in forum ( and internet, that AdNow isn’t a SCAM, they paid.

The AdNow support itself is responsive and kind, I know the one from Indonesia, his name is Fahri. He answer all of questions so clearly. I still don’t understand why people keep scaming about AdNow.

Here the proof, I put AdNow tags for six days, and the result is not bad as people says. Looks, the CTR is above 5%. Well, AdNow nature is so match with my contents, the ad is all about diets and news junky, so my contents.

AdNow Statistics

AdNow Statistics

How adNow pay me?? the AdNow payment cycle is weekly. They pay me through a paypal with NET7 from Saturday. So if you reach minimum number, they will pay you seven days after Saturday.

AdNow payment proof

AdNow payment proof

hey, Who is the young lady in the header???

Sponsor message!!! That’s my lovely Ryouha <3. Please support her with voting at the next Senbatsu Sosenkyou. Cmooon!! I told you how to make easy money with adNow!

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