I Don’t Really Trust the Result of Survey for Judgment

Face it! no body cares about your personality, except your fans. Your parents know you better, your friends no cares about your self survey result. Really, they are not needs your selfishness.

Kind of survey like this (on the bottom), just be made for you to feel better. So, when the result came out, I bet no survey (seldom) will tell bad about you. The result is designed for you to share it, an BOM! viral! everybody knows when viral goes up.

FYI! I’m worrying the placebo effect of this kind of survey.

survey result

My 2016 Ressolution

To DO:

  1. Finish my essay
  2. Get a dream job
  3. Get a dream girlfrend
  4. Some apple gods: MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad Mini
  5. Playstation 4 with VR
  6. Master:
    1. Statistical thinking both descriptive and inferential
    2. Machine learning algorithm: regression, clustering, etc.
      1. Finish datacamp course
      2. Finish edx and coursera
      3. Finish Udacity nanodgree program
  7. Sharpen skills:
    1. R
    2. Clojure
    3. Python Anaconda and Numpy
    4. JavaScript
      1. D3.js
      2. Angular
      3. DOM Manipulation
    5.  MongoDB

Not to DO:

  1. No Big Burger
  2. No Soda
  3. No Wakeup at 08.00 or more
  4. No Anime for the first quarter

My 2015 Achievement

Last year, perhaps I should write my target, but I didn’t. So I can review it here now. I’m not sure if this thing should I call achievement or flow-of-life. Assume I write my target, so I call it achievement. Read More