My 2015 Achievement

Last year, perhaps I should write my target, but I didn’t. So I can review it here now. I’m not sure if this thing should I call achievement or flow-of-life. Assume I write my target, so I call it achievement.

First Quarter

I write this based on what the document I read or what my brain remember. This is not achievement though.

The first quarter, I strongly remember that my Mo was sore, she can’t stand for a long time or only for a second, often dizzy, and often fell limp. I was really sad :(. But after a year and a half (now) for treatment, she back to normal.

The 20th Feb, I saw a concert of AKB48 in Jakarta. It was really fun to see for live.

Second Quarter

This quarter, I have finished all of my collage SKSs (I don’t now what SKS in English). Huhh.. The most challenging subject was RPL2 (Software Engineering 2). I was build an Android app that manage user’s task.

I also manage to finished my internship with B. I expected A though. I was build an infrastructure for monitoring the server.


Third Quarter

This was my holiday season. I don’t really remember what I have done.

This quarter I work on my proposal for my essay. An yes, this proposal approved without obstacle. The title was “Interactive Data visualization for DKI Jakarta Gov’s ‘open data’ Economic and Finance“.

Last Quarter

First, what I really remember was I still works on my essay. But in the end, I end up with extend the time limit. Normally I should done it at 22th of Dec, But I extend it at April 2016.

Second, I make my first ~5000 USD from my freelance and blog for this quarter.

Third, and the last. I was trip to Cirebon, Tasik, Situ Gede, and Garut.

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