When I 25,I Want Achieve.. T

When I 25,I Want Achieve..

I was read a writing from BusinessInsider about what most successful people did when they were 25. Though the success not defined, I interpreted it as their achievement that most people could not do it.

I myself, still mixing my thought about that. I have a lot of thing I want to do before 25. I want to be… I want be able… I want master…, etc.

If someone ask me, what most (must be one) thing I want to achieve when I 25. I will answer, for now I can’t decide it. I want a lot.

I want mastering Clojure, I don’t wanna writing program while open the documentation or looking the tutorials.

When I mastered it, I want to write WordPress like CMS but in Clojure.

So… I have to list things I have to learn to master Clojure.

Then, I want to be person like Zuke from FB who had everything when he was 25. But it toooooo much hard. it near impossible for me tho. So, I decide. When I 25, I want to work based on my passion, I want to work not in under pressure, I want to work with a good salary, and I want I have my own company when I 26-28.

Next year. My own personal target is crediting a house. So when I 25, I have my own house. So, when I marry a girl, I do not have anything to mess around.

Speaking of marriage, I don’t understand why mostly parent pursue theirs to do marriage so soon. Well, you know, my thought are full of dream, passion, carrier, etc. I never thought the marriage so soon, it would very troublesome you know. BTW, until now I still not meet my perfect girl.

When I 25, I hope I have contributed to WP, and can master theme and plugin development.

When I 25, I hope I have a long-term passive income from my commercial blog.

When I 25, I can drive! I can speak fluent english.

So.. I hope I have an age and health.

Note. When I write this post. I officially graduated from my college, (2 days to go tho). So I thought a lot about it.

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