Things to Do and Not to Do in 2017

Om telolet om, setahun lagi status ini jadi reminder.
Not to do in 2017:

  1. No Soda
  2. No Big Burger
  3. No spend money for games more than 5

Things to do in 2017:

  1. Getting Project UN done
  2. Getting wet with Datomic
  3. Learn how to marketing (Coursera/EdX)
  4. Learn Arachne with making a project
  5. Learn re-frame and other with making a project
  6. Getting Pabelog up and running
  7. Solve Euler problems at least 24
  8. Solve hard level 4clojure problems at least 6
  9. Finish SICP
  10. Buy a house

I hope I can do this too in 2017:

  1. Buy a switch
  2. Buy a VR
  3. Make a new popular blog

It’s Official: My First Published Paper

The first always be remembered. Well, post Skripsi (Bachelor degree thesis) I was not done. My supervisor said that I have to publish my works as sign requirement.

Sure, it was a lot of works. But after a month revision, my paper just accepted in And here it is Vol 12, No 2 (2016).

For me, apart of Skripsi, this published paper was milestone of my life.

It not easy to finish the Skripsi and paper, sure it hard. I have done it for a year, (effectively 5 month).

I felt awesome, smart, and proud to my self. I can prove that I can do this.