2016 Resolution Report!

I wrote 2016 resolution last year. So I do report. Here there are:

To DO:

  1. Finish my essay
  2. For some reason, I managed to finish my becholar degree thesis. And graduated at October, 1 2016.
  3. Get a dream job
  4. Failed! Before that, I want make sure to impress my Boss with Project UN
  5. Get a dream girlfrend
  6. Failed! Still looking for her.
  7. Some apple gods: MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad Mini
  8. Just Macbook, iPhone and iPad just too much for now
  9. Playstation 4 with VR
  10. Just Playstation 4, VR will be 2017 (I Hope)
  11. Master:
    1. Statistical thinking both descriptive and inferential
    2. I have finished Coursera and Analytic Nano degree both descriptive and inferential. And did my publication implemented both.
    3. Machine learning algorithm: regression, clustering, etc.
    4. I did learn linear regression from Nano Degree program (Yet not finish the course), Clustering from Datacamp (I finish all of the courses).

      1. Finish datacamp course
      2. Yes I did, but I don’t intent to using R anymore.
      3. Finish edx and coursera
      4. Failed! I don’t know why. But for some reason I don’t take final exam.
      5. Finish Udacity nanodgree program
      6. Failed! I didn’t finish final project!
  12. Sharpen skills:
    1. R
    2. Yes I did, I finish R and EdX intro to R course
    3. Clojure
    4. Yes I did, I manage to finish 103 4Clojure problems and some other Clojure personal project.
    5. Python Anaconda and Numpy
    6. Failed! Just install and never use it
    7. JavaScript
    8. Yes I did, I did make hybrid mobile app with Ionic 2, and I wrote it on my publication too. I learn React too.
      1. D3.js
      2. Failed! in the end of the day, I was using nvD3 library
      3. Angular
      4. I did, Ionic 2 somehow using Angular 2. But I will not using angular 2 anymore! it just ugly.
      5. DOM Manipulation
      6. I did, I get what DOM manipulation is.
    9. MongoDB
    10. I did, I am using mongoDB on my REST app.

Not to DO:

  1. No Big Burger
  2. Failed! at 4th month I ate big burger
  3. No Soda
  4. Failed! I went to KFC and drink the pepsi
  5. No Wakeup at 08.00 or more
  6. Failed! just failed at 3rd day of January
  7. No Anime for the first quarter
  8. I can do this. I manage to hold my lust.

What a year. 2016 was a great year for me. I am now ready for new exploration.

After learn R, Angular, Vanilla JavaScript, Python, Clojure and ClojureScript, my goal is clear now! I have not to learn all of it. I know the pros and cons now. What I need in 2017 is expertise, and I set my expertise is for Clojure and ClojureScript. Looking forward for 2017!

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