Law of Attraction – Train Your Brain to Learn Faster (Psychology)

Remember that every year I set what was my goal is. And I still remember that I want to learn new thing every year. Back than, I thought that, I learn new something of course, but not in that depth. I want to be master of course.

So I set that target. Become expert in Clojure. I glad, I found this:

Now, I know what I want doing, why I never achieve in expertise level. The truth are: I’m trying to reinvent something that already exist. Is like:

“Avoid starting from scratch. With no model to begin from – no example or strategy you are following – you’re reinventing the wheel and doomed to waste time. So, what proven framework, person, strategy, or step-by-step instruction are you following in order to learn this new area?”

What I need now is training menu and tutor. For now I will stick with my old plan to finish SICP book and CS600.1/2 course.

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