Critical Thinking: Mike’s 10 Ways to Stay Curious

So, these are the golden informations I got from edx course. Of course, I will write it on this blog after I finish it.

#1 Always challenge what you see and hear

This is the hardest step because it is so easy to accept things the way they are. But why is that? For example: if you don’t know how the device you are reading this on displays type and images, go find out…

#2 Focus on What Fascinates You

If you literally question everything you won’t have time to live. So focus on the things that fascinate you. For example: I’m fascinated by design, unusual shapes and the quirks of human nature. Therefore I tend to really dive into these things. It’s also why my Instagram feed tends to have images of a lot of this stuff.

#3 Try Something New

A reasonable starting goal might be to try to learn something new or taste a new food once a week. But once you get into this curiosity thing, aim for one new experience per day. It really stimulates your brain.

#4 Learn How to Ask Good Questions

“Why” and “How” are simple starting questions, but think of questions that go a bit deeper. For example: “What causes the sky to be red in the morning before bad weather arrives?”

#5 Ask People not Google

Yes you can get answers to anything on the web, but what you read there will not stick with you the same way a conversation with a real person will. The in-person query can also lead to unexpected places – something a web search seldom does – or at least in a surprising and interesting way.

#6 Become Perceptually Curious

Instead of just finding intellectual answers to your questions, look for physical experiences. Ever wonder how something is made? Find a way to make it yourself or volunteer to help someone who knows how.

#7 Vanquish Boredom

The act of being bored simply means you’re not paying real attention to the world around you. For example: even waiting in the doctors office is full of opportunity to catch interesting snippets of conversation, hear words you can later research or even to browse a magazine you would otherwise have no other reason to look at. All of this is great fodder for curiosity.

#8 Be Conscientious

That’s right, work hard and stay on task to ensure you get each task done in a way you’d want, to be proud of your work. Some research indicates the conscientious among us are more likely to be curious and more likely to be successful.

#9 Get Some Exercise

The connection between a healthy body and an active mind is well-documented. The difference with curiosity is that during a strenuous walk or time at the gym you can let your mind wander, alight on a topic and give it some deeper thought. Turn it over in your mind while the body is otherwise occupied.

#10 Stay Vigilant

It’s easy to let things slide; let the curiosity flame dim. The danger is that this is a slippery slope and before you know it, you’re drifting through life with a ho-hum attitude. This is deadly for your curiosity and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy where you lack the very thing that can get you back on track – curiosity!


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