Lebaran Pertama

Well, well, well!, lebaran taun ini jadi debut lebaran gw as not being as collage student. Udah ketebak, pressure taun ini bakalan berat banget!.

Apaan?? “Kapan kawin?”

Bagi kebanyakan fresh graduate yang tinggalnya di pinggiran kyk gw, pertanyaan itu bisa jadi horror dan tekanan. 1000x salaman dan saat salaman, kalo gw charge harga per pertanyaan itu 10 rebu, gw bisa beli iPhone 7 deh.

Tambah parahnya, banyak temen seumuran yang sekarang udah mulai tunangan, nikah, punya anak, dan bahkan punya banyak anak!. Apa gak tertekan tuh pas ketemu mereka bawa istri dan anak, sementara gw masih kayak anak kecil!

Dulu, iye dulu. Gw bisa ngeles dengan jawaban “masih kuliah, fokus dulu namatin” Lah sekarang?? ngomong “mau fokus kerja? nyari karrir dulu?”. Well, it not bad excuse sih!

Status gw saat ini, sendiri! happy!, still catching my dream, namatin game yang gw beli taun kemaren dan taun ini yang belum kemaenin, guling-guling di pasir, dan banyak hal-hal tolol sampe serius lain yang pengen gw lakuin as a single person yang gak punya tanggung jawab serius.

Gw masih belum mau mikirin popok bayi gimana, besok makan apa, nidurin bayi pas bangun malem, ngejemur selimut yang kena ompol, dll.

Nah kalo gw udah fokusnya nyari pasangan, ngga deh. Trade-off nya kemahalan. Waktu gw terlalu berharga buat nyari tuan putri sempurna.

Lagi pula, biarpun kelakuan masih kayak anak 15 taun, Gw tau apa yang harus gw lakuan. Yah, gw udah punya masterplan buat idup gw kedepannya gimana. Yang paling deket ini. Yang intinya sih, I don’t mess around with my future and dream. Cukup sekali aja gw tau rasanya gimana sakitnya cita-cita itu gagal.

Eh tapi, kalo gw langsung nemu, gak mikir dua kali deh. I will marry her for sure!

So, What Next?!

Yang pasti ngeberesin project UN dan pengen ngabil nanodegree Udacity juga.

Ngomong-ngomong soal project UN, statusnya sekarang sudah pasti stack-stacknya dan arsitekturnya mau gimana. Mudah2an 2 bulan kedepan sudah bisa demo :).

Taun ini juga gw lagi sibuk ngeberesin target yang gw tulis sebelumnya.

I Don’t Really Trust the Result of Survey for Judgment

Face it! no body cares about your personality, except your fans. Your parents know you better, your friends no cares about your self survey result. Really, they are not needs your selfishness.

Kind of survey like this (on the bottom), just be made for you to feel better. So, when the result came out, I bet no survey (seldom) will tell bad about you. The result is designed for you to share it, an BOM! viral! everybody knows when viral goes up.

FYI! I’m worrying the placebo effect of this kind of survey.

survey result

6 Things the Most Productive People Do Every Day

Original writing by Eric Barker from Time.

Ever feel like you’re just not getting enough done?

Know how many days per week you’re actually productive?

About 3:

People work an average of 45 hours a week; they consider about 17 of those hours to be unproductive (U.S.: 45 hours a week; 16 hours are considered unproductive).

We could all be accomplishing a lot more — but then again, none of us wants to be a workaholic either.

It’d be great to get tons done and have work/life balance. But how do we do that? I decided to get some answers.

And who better to ask than Tim Ferriss, author of the international bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek?

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Thoughts on the Presidential Election 2014 (2)

It was February 8, 2013 when I wrote part 1. Back then, I said that I will choose who will focusing on human development. The good news, there is someone who thought about it.

Anies Baswedan: Banyak Yang Bicara Anti Kolonial, Tapi Berpikir Kolonial

Yes, human development is far more important than resources issue. Back than, before I decide to support the “two finger” I was confusing to decide if I “golput” or not. To be honest, I was trying to open minded and wise to choose participate in this democratic party.

Then, in the Jokowi side. First they declare will make the cabinet of professional, no more “chair sharing”. It make my heart say “Fuck yeah! this is what we need. I don’t want IT ministry like now”. Well, you now that, the good guy named reddit is still blocked with no reason by ministry subtly.

The guy who blocked Reddit is in the subianto side, and I don’t want this stupidly happen again.


The subianto side? it obvious, the cabiniet sharing method will be same as before.

Okay, I was still open minded till now.. but? guess what? The no. 1 was like to making sure me that my choose is right.


They spread idiot issues! The no 1 spread jokowi religion issue, ethnic issue, etc, so racist! But for me, I don’t really care about it, apparat it’s right or wrong. Oh really? What the reason I have to care about it?

Peoples called that issue is part of black campaign.


“facepalm” there peoples out there who belive that issues.

And boom! No 1 declare that the mission of them firstly is to fix the human development issue. I say, “fuck yeah! that is what we need!”.

let think about computer, The computer is like human, there is hardware and software. In human hardware is body, home, resources, etc. The software in human is brain or how he/she thinking. It will be useless if hardcore computer is using outdated software or game.. the big resources will useless. The rules are applied in human, it will be useless if a lot of resources is used by colonial thought.

So, the human development is like framework. When the framework is good, it will make other thing good too.

My thought in the presidential election 2014 is choosing no. 2, it’s clear.

How to Act Like a Geek

I was wondering what really a geek person doing in her/his daily life. Ok, I was researched about some geek, and here the result if you want to look like a Geek.


Sit at Starbuck and drink coffee, dont juice!


Geek didn’t use windows when coding, yet he/she using BSD/Unix based. Don’t be using Ubuntu either!


Geek uses terminal/console, geek didn’t use GUI based. And geek always focus on her/his coding, he/she never looking their environment.

like a geek

Don’t get me wrong! This is just a joke..